What Others Say.

"This is the one of the most raw and powerful pieces of writing that I have ever read. You don't just read it - you experience it." ~ Dolly

"Thank you for explaining myself to me." ~ Lee

"I have thought and felt many of the things you write, but never thought anyone would be able to give words to it in such a clear and truthful way as you did." ~ Marleen

"This is spellbinding...this cracked me open and took me to a place i needed to go. To read this piece is to feel it." ~ Leila

"I love your raw eloquence." ~ Sarah

"One of the most raw and brave submissions I have read to date. Relatable, vulnerable and hopeful. Thank you." ~ Kim

"You have articulated this learning in the most beautiful, clear way. You've spoken right to my heart." ~ Jamie

"I'm glad this message is getting out into the mainstream." ~ Catherine

"Absolutely beautiful and so courageous." ~ Jenn

"Your writing helped bring me back that if I can't love me, who can I love? Very uplifting, I am thankful." ~  May

"Healing, beautiful, transparent and real." ~ Carolyn

"Thank you for your raw words and vulnerability - you most eloquently described my journey as well! Powerful, hopeful and healing!" ~ Sheryl

"This resonated in me so deeply: it described my life, my fears, myself, my love so accurately! Thank you for putting so eloquently into words what I have never been able to describe." ~ Hayley

"Thank you for so beautifully capturing the deepest essence of my personal journey." ~ Melissa

"It let me know that I am not alone and that the feelings I have are shared by others." ~ Sam

"I can breathe a little better since reading this." ~ Sabira 

"I could have torn the page of feelings from my own journal." ~ Paula 

"Your honesty and courage are extremely beautiful, valuable, and transformative." ~ Ben