talks & Workshops

One of my favourite things in the world is starting conversations about the things we don't talk about enough in our society. I am available to speak and run workshops at events, schools, workplaces, and other such venues. Topics I can talk about, include: vulnerability; trauma, suicideself-harm, and mental health; chronic illnesswritingcartooningcreativity.

Get in touch if you want to chat or would like to book me in. 


Atlantic College, Wales - Feb 2019


I spoke about suicide, mental health, and my journey using creativity as a way to express myself. We then held an hour of questions, where it was my honour to answer the most insightful and curious questions about life, mental health and supporting each other in being human.

Off The Record, Bristol - Feb 2019 & May 2017


Focusing on using art as a tool for activism, I shared my journey using art as a way of expressing myself and combating the shame we so often feel around mental health in our society. I also ran a zine making workshop.


Suicide workshop

"You have such a unique way of creating a space that people feel comfortable to share what's on their heart and things they feel ashamed about. Thank you so much for bringing a voice and a space for discussion around something we don't talk about enough. It's really, really, important." - Workshop attendee 

Chronic Illness workshop

"I appreciated the workshop so so much. it really touched and inspired me as someone also living with invisible chronic illness and it was so great to hear thoughts and experiences shared by you and the other speakers which I could identify with and learn from and it stuck with me for a long while afterwards." - Workshop attendee 

Teen Do, West Wales - July 2017

It was an honour to speak at Teen Do. I shared my story, my experiences with writing, my cartoons, and my 10 tips for life. There were tears, laughter, & people sharing their stories with me around the campfire afterwards.

"It’s hard to give a great talk. But it’s even harder when it is all about your vulnerability as a human. This sharing of your biggest secrets, anxieties, worst moments takes digging down to the lowest depth of the inner you. Most people steer well clear of this. They hide themselves with a perfect Instagram life, with a slick presentation. Not willing to share who they really are. And what they really think. So, that is why Amani is such a powerful speaker. She removes all the masks that most humans wear. And we get to see an incredible human being making her way in this world. And the journey is far from smooth. Her story will help build resilience in any human with a pulse."  - David Hiaett, co-founder of the Do Lectures

"You have such a unique story and such valuable insights - which you deliver with razor clarity and a hugely engaging stage presence." - Talk attendee

Radical Herbalism Gathering, Shropshire - June 2017

I organised and spoke on a 2 hour-long panel about chronic illness. We discussed what it means politically, individually, and as a community to experience chronic illness. What it is like to live with it. What self-care looks like with chronic illness. How we can support people with chronic illness. And what you need as a "patient" living wtih/practitioner working with chronic illness. 

Small Is Festival, Bristol - June 2014

I ran an "Emotional Sustainablity"workshop. This included a talk about vulnerability and my own experiences of sharing my story, followed by a solo writing exercise and beautiful discussions about their writing in small groups. 

Co-Resist, Bristol - June 2014

I led a vulnerability workshop using free-writing, poetry & group discussion, to explore the art of telling our story.