talks & Workshops

One of my favourite things in the world is starting conversations about the things we don't talk about enough in our society. I am available to speak and run workshops at events, schools, workplaces, and other such venues. Topics I can talk about, include: vulnerability; trauma, suicideself-harm, and mental health; chronic illnesswritingcartooningcreativitywomen & girls empowerment.

Get in touch if you want to chat or would like to book me in. 


Teen Do, West Wales - 29th July 2017

It was an honour to speak at Teen Do. I shared my story, my experiences with writing, my cartoons, and my 10 tips for life. There were tears, laughter, & people sharing their stories with me around the campfire afterwards. 

Radical Herbalism Gathering, Shropshire - 9-11th June 2017

I organised and spoke on a 2 hour-long panel about chronic illness. We discussed what it means politically, individually, and as a community to experience chronic illness. What it is like to live with it. What self-care looks like with chronic illness. How we can support people with chronic illness. And what you need as a "patient" living wtih/practitioner working with chronic illness. 

Small Is Festival, Bristol - 28th June 2014

I ran an "Emotional Sustainablity"workshop. This included a talk about vulnerability and my own experiences of sharing my story, followed by a solo writing exercise and beautiful discussions about their writing in small groups. 

Co-Resist, Bristol - 15th June 2014

I led a vulnerability workshop using free-writing, poetry & group discussion, to explore the art of telling our story. 

Testimonials & videos coming soon.